Moving on From Emotional Eating (The Body Image Revolution)

PDF-file by Sandy R. Ross

Moving on From Emotional Eating (The Body Image Revolution) PDF ebook download We're all over-worked, over-stressed, overwhelmed, and for many women, food has become an easy pick-me-up or coping strategy, always without our really realising that's what we're doing. In this ebook you'll be able to put down the burden of judging yourself for the things you've been doing on autopilot, and taking a new, gentler and more loving look at who you really are.

Psychologist and coach Dr Melissa McCreery explores with Sandy R. Ross the root cause of emotional eating, overeating, and stress so that you can create more effectiveness and joy in your health and your life.

Melissa is known as the “Smart Woman’s Expert” and her clients learn how to get off the diet rollercoaster and stop yoyo dieting; they learn to create a new peace with eating and with food; and they learn how to take charge of their weight and create lives that are more rewarding and in balance.

Enjoy the insightful exercise that will help you start exploring the root of your own emotional eating habit, and listen to the Bonus Audio (directions inside the book) anytime anywhere.

eBook Moving on From Emotional Eating (The Body Image Revolution)

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