Doing Well and Doing Good

PDF-file by Richard John Neuhaus

Doing Well and Doing Good PDF ebook download With this timely reissue, Image celebrates the twentieth anniversary of an important, classic work on faith and economics from one of the leading Catholic intellectuals of the past century.

As pertinent today as it was when it was first published in 1992, Doing Well and Doing Good argues that for too long Christianity has had nothing to say to Wall Street or to Main Street. Some churches have blasted the greed of the former or the bourgeois grasping of the latter. Others have insisted on a socialist alternative. But the time has come, Neuhaus says, to stop such silliness. Drawing on the writings of Pope John Paul II, Richard Neuhaus has written a classic, groundbreaking work that unashamedly seeks to bestow a blessing on business. The common good depends on it.

eBook Doing Well and Doing Good

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