Cook's Book of Intense Flavors

PDF-file by Robert Krause

Cook's Book of Intense Flavors PDF ebook download "The Cook's Book of Intense Flavors "is an indispensable guide to exotic and decadent flavor combinations for the advanced chef. Filled with more than 100 extraordinary combinations, "The Cook's Book of Intense Flavors "will make you rethink the way you approach food and each exotic flavor is accompanied by an inspired recipe as an example of how to use it. And unlike other flavor references, this book offers a recipe for each combination so you know exactly how to use what you learn. You'll learn how to cook more innovatively by adding an unexpected note such chili to a traditional flavor combination such as pineapple and mango. You'll cook more intuitively by learning which flavors work together and how to balance different flavor profiles such as sweet, sour, savory, and spicy. You'll get more excitement from cooking as you taste how flavors evolve during the cooking process. Most importantly, you'll get more pleasure out of the flavors and ingredients you use every day.

eBook Cook's Book of Intense Flavors

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