Forgotten Place (Eriksson, #3)

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Forgotten Place (Eriksson, #3) PDF ebook download Im stuck here. I really liked the second book. I felt like Eriksson was real although there was evidence of the miracle clause. Meaning that she miraculously has whatever skill might be needed for any possible given situation. Either way there was a lot of room to grow, enough so that i picked up the third and here I am.

I have reached the point that Erikssons story is no longer worth reading if I have to read about, well Eriksson. I love the supporting characters. The OSI and darkwater Bay family are great, the interactions among the other cops and Maya, all worth reading! But then theres Eriksson. She could die and I would keep reading happily, thats how disgusted I am with her. Lets look at this logically why don't we? Eriksson is:
A Criminal Masterminds daughter
Raised as "her fathers daughter"
A Jujitsu master
Forensic Genius
Psychology PhD
Able to regularly outhink, outsmart, outplan and anticipate the nefarious minds of the worlds greatest mobsters

Got all that? Ok then, with all of that in the character bin, you tell me how and why she consistently behaves like the too-dumb-to live horror movie first-to-die girl who goes down the dark basement stairs, alone while staying in an old creepy house ALONE to investigate when she hears suspicious noises after the news just announced a mysterious slasher/murderer/convict on the loose in the neighborhood?

Was that one of the longest run on sentences known to mankind? Maybe. Is my point repeatedly displayed in the books? Yeah. To add insult to injury she plays yoyo with Orion, flirts shamelessly with any male in her vicinity, plays on everyones emotions then screams and threatens people when they treat her like the less than intelligent woman she is. 'Cause she's a "ballbuster" thats why, and doesn't need ANY man giving her backup in a bar full of deranged bikers or anywhere else. Also she's in like pleather and stiletto knee highs because when she kicks over an entire row of Harley's to piss of said deranged bikers you better believe she's gonna look hot doing it. Alrighty then, this is fun, lets add to the list. Eriksson also:
Sends mixed messages to almost every man in the book when convenient
Remorselessly and deliberately manipulates everyone in sight
Pathologically lies to everyone in sight- and shrugs it off every time
Treats all men like dirt
Regularly recluses herself
Plays/uses Johnny constantly
Lashes out at everyone repeatedly
Is an alcoholic and possibly pain pill junkie who has the pre-frontal cortex development of a 14 year old
Is suicidal and justifies everything and ANYthing if it meets her end goals
Is overall an unpleasant and potentially toxic person to be around almost ALL the time

Now despite all of this as well as regularly attacking/assaulting fellow officers when she doesn't get her way, lying to EVERYone ALL the time, sneaking off and regularly compromising cases, safety and admissible evidence....the entire police force LOVES her, BELIEVES in her and protects her against her will and despite her constant abuse. Then when someone finally is pissed at her, justifiably and undeniably so, she spits in their face and threatens to cut them out of an investigation that they are all invested in because lo and behold they don't trust her implicitly after she pretty much disregarded all standard practices and safety measures and got someone horrifically tortured because of the above mentioned idiotic horror movie suicide behavior. Now why is she supposedly above the procedures and allowed to repeatedly do all of the above and still be a respected valued and cherished member of law enforcement? Because she's a flipping genius and her suicide moves always play out. So even when someone takes a bullet everyone smiles and welcomes her back to do more idiotic things 'cause she's just that good. I wont even get into Johnny being an idiot of astronomical proportions, (he's also a genius but is regularly manipulated and falls for it every time by someone he recognizes as a pathological liar....riiiiiiight) no matter how many times she beats the emotional crap outta him he keeps crawling back. I have no respect for either of them at this point. Which is depressing since the actual story is good, full of intrigue and suspense, deep corruption and justice being sought against all odds. Its pretty inspiring....until Eriksson opens her mouth.

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