Violence on the Job

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Violence on the Job PDF ebook download Homicide is now the second most common cause of death in the US workplace. This volume represents an effort to move the growing problem of violence in the workplace to the forefront of public and scientific concern. Contributing authors describe state-of-the-art violence prevention and response programmes that serve as concrete solutions to reducing and managing workplace violence, including programmes instituted in advance of major corporate downsizing and programmes designed to respond to violence in high-risk healthcare settings. Cutting edge research topics include correlations between alcohol abuse and violence, interaction between job stress and violence, risk for violence against individuals in specific occupations such as social workers and federal workers, and suicide among police officers. This volume is an indispensible overview of violence in the workplace that belongs on the reading list of human resource professionals, I/O psychologists, and consultants and researchers in the field.

eBook Violence on the Job

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