Open House Volume 2

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Open House Volume 2 PDF ebook download In this second book of conversations drawn from Sheridan Voysey’s national Open House radio program, we peer through the lives of national and international personalities to glimpse aspects of the world left previously unseen.

What does riding a violently-shaking rocket into orbit then landing and walking on the moon feel like? What is life really like behind the scenes of the adult entertainment industry? Are there answers to some of the most perplexing questions levelled at belief in a creator? Where do you turn when you have all that life could seemingly offer yet still feel profoundly empty? Come, converse and find out.


21 conversations, with wisdom from:

Steve Waugh
Gloria Gaynor
Nicky Cruz
William Paul Young
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Anne Rice
Lee Strobel
Richard Foster
Barry McGuire
Craig Gross
Brian ‘Head’ Welch
Charlie Duke
Shane Claiborne
... and many more


'I think meeting Mother Teresa had a big impact on me—the way she gave to the poorest of the poor her whole life without regard to material possessions… it was incredible what she did.'

'I think beauty is [God’s] way of telling us on a most basic level that he is here, that he made this world and this universe. Why else would we cry at the sight of a beautiful tree caught in the wind with all of its limbs dancing?'

'I’m still working on [the faith question]. It’s something that is there but I haven’t got an answer to it and I’m just worrying at it all the time.'

eBook Open House Volume 2

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