Laurel (The Year I Turned Sixteen, #3)

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Laurel (The Year I Turned Sixteen, #3) PDF ebook download Despite the fact that I hadn't liked the previous sisters book, I liked this one, and felt so sad about Daisy's death. I guess the reason I liked this one is because my personality best matches Laurel's and so I understand completely how she feels. She's trying to get by and cope with the death of a dearly loved person in her life, and at the same time, she's growing up. Okay, she didn't "change" as much as her older sisters did like when Rose was lying about her home life or when Daisy went "grunge" but she changed in the fact that she learned how to accept what happened, and that by itself is a huge thing. Congrats to Laurel for staying true to herself, I loved her!

eBook Laurel (The Year I Turned Sixteen, #3)

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