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Clinic PDF ebook download The party on Haight-Ashbury Street in San Francisco ended two years before and now only a handful of people remain to clean up the mess. One of them, the receptionist at the Free Clinic, studies medicine with the hope of becoming a doctor, but everyone—from her professors to the staff at San Francisco General—tell her she can’t because of her gender. She’s not sure she can because of the choices a doctor must make on the front lines. Choices brought to the clinic that night in the form of a crazy, drug-addicted woman and a street kid named Klepto. Choices that mean the difference between life and death.

“Nelscott recalls the era with vivid accuracy.”
—St. Petersburg Times

“Somebody needs to say that Kris Nelscott is engaged in an ongoing fictional study of a thorny era in American political and racial history. If that’s not enough to get ‘serious’ critics and readers to pay attention to her, it’s their loss.”
—Charles Taylor

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