Allegiance (Joe Logan Book 4)

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Allegiance (Joe Logan Book 4) PDF ebook download

An abandoned pier on the East River in New York City is the scene of a fatal shooting on a dark and rain swept October night.

Arnie Newman is a homicide detective, and has been lured to the deserted location by his CI (confidential informant) to be faced by armed men who work for Patrick Fallon; a businessman and gangster who aspires to be the city’s next mayor.

Arnie has information that could damage Fallon’s political career.

When Joe Logan arrives in the city, drawn back to his roots, he discovers that his ex-partner is in a coma and is not expected to survive, and that Arnie’s wife is in danger.

This time it’s personal, and Logan knows that the only way to protect Margie Newman and exact a fitting revenge is by taking on Fallon and his outfit.

eBook Allegiance (Joe Logan Book 4)

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