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Voyage PDF ebook download Freed from the isolation of his alter-Earth home, Kal Anders has taken off into the metaxia, the entirety of possibility.

He has discovered strange creatures and a variety of alternate Earth cultures. Until an accident landed him on a carbon-copy of his home world, anyway. Seeking to construct a human body for his non-corporeal brother Tria, Kal enrolls at Seton College and discovers integration into their culture more challenging than he anticipated.

On All Hallow's Eve, Tria, fed up and disgruntled, decides to get his brother's attention the only way he knows how. And Kal, though attempting to lead a "normal" college life, is really an explorer at heart.

Ravenous pumpkins and ghostly holographic imagery abound as the Anders brothers team up for one final adventure, set just before the final episode of Voyage Embarkation. Join them for a ghastly side-story adventure to the alternate Earth known as Halech.

eBook Voyage

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