Shroud of the Lion (Accidental Detectives, #5)

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Shroud of the Lion (Accidental Detectives, #5) PDF ebook download My rating is really 4.5.

I'd guess that the only reason I've rated this Accidental Detectives book 4.5 stars was the grossness factor. The opening chapter describes Mike accidentally smashing Ricky's hand to pieces with a sledge hammer that has a 20-pound head, and then Ralphy puking. I seriously thought that Ricky had lost his hand! Then in the next chapter, it's explained that it was a setup for an anti-drug commercial. Even the barfing. Those boys....

Then the last chapter was gross, too. Mike and Ricky made the nastiest sandwiches for one another using no more than five ingrediants, not including the bread (the sandwich that Mike made for Ricky had canned cat food in it! Ewww!). That was for an anti-drug commercial, also. But, for that one, after they filmed it, they actually tried to eat the sandwiches (if you can call them sandwiches!), saying whoever got through theirs first would have the other mowing their lawn for a certain time span. Suffice it to say, neither finished.

Other than that, the rest of the story was great and had a great mystery. Though it seemed a little fast compared to the other books in the series...but maybe that's because I read it in a couple of hours.

So yeah. 4.5.

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