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Still in the Hamptons PDF ebook download Yes, Dan Rattiner is still in the Hamptons, and after fifty-plus years on the eastern end of Long Island, most of them as publisher of the region s free weekly newspaper, Dan s Papers, he still has a lot of stories to tell. Here, offered in his signature dry, observant, and self-deprecating wit, are Rattiner s further encounters with the billionaires and celebrities, the farmers and fishermen, the eccentric artists and ordinary folks, who together make the Hamptons one of the most fashionable, exclusive, and entertaining communities in the United States. As Tom Wolfe once noted, If a guy says it happened in the Hamptons, and Dan Rattiner doesn t know about it, it didn t.
The people he writes about are presented in chronological order from 1959 to today, just as Rattiner lived it and has remembered it. Still in the Hamptons will help you understand what the Hamptons used to be and what it has become, and will provide an entertaining read along the way.
Praise for Dan Rattiner
If you pick up the East Hampton Star, you ll learn the who, what, and where. The why and how are more likely found in the pages of Dan s Papers If you want to understand the crazy quilt of art, sand, money, farmland, literature, golf clubs, divorces, sea spray, and the area s remarkable blend of ego, generosity, and dedication to historic preservation, read Dan s book, In the Hamptons, and its sequel, In the Hamptons Too. Alec Baldwin, from the Foreword of In the Hamptons Too
Dan Rattiner has been chronicling the people and events of the Hamptons for as long as I ve been going there (since the sixties). If anyone wanted some insight into what made this area such an interesting place, all they d need was a copy of In the Hamptons. It s as close to rubbing elbows as you can get. Enjoy! Billy Joel
If there was an honorary mayor of the Hamptons it would have to be Dan Rattiner a raconteur with a wicked sense of humor and an eye for detail. Long Island History Journal"

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