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Hexen 64 PDF ebook download You are about to enter a virtual world of medieval fantasy and horror— the ultimate sword and sorcery battlefest that is "Hexen." Don?t walk into thirty-one tough levels of potential pain unprepared With the teachings of "Hexen: Official Secrets & Solutions" on your side, you?ll know what you?re getting into before the gruesome battle begins, including:
- Casting spells for becoming invincible, creating clouds of poisonous gas, and changing rivals into pigs
- Jumping, flying, and surviving hellacious falls
- Instructive details on weapons and artifacts
- Strategies for all hubs, as well as Deathmatch play
- Special tactics for multiplayer Deathmatches
Whether you are a mage, warrior, or cleric, "Hexen: Official Secrets and Solutions" has what you need to complete your mission
About the Author
Prima Creative Services is a team of gaming experts that has produced over 60 strategy guides for Prima Publishing, and collectively has two decades of experience in the gaming magazine field.

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