Death Rocks the Cradle and Other Stories

PDF-file by Wayne Rogers

Death Rocks the Cradle and Other Stories PDF ebook download John Pelan knows what he's talking about when he gets into the shudder pulps. Last year we came out with SATAN'S SIN HOUSE and Other Stories, the first volume in the Weird Tales of Wayne Rogers series and here we have the second volume. John's introduction to this book tells you even more about Rogers the writer and prepares you for yet even more volumes in this series. Here are the stories that await you in volume 2: Daughters of Pain, Dime Mystery Magazine, November 1934 Killer Blood for Sale, Dime Mystery Magazine, November 1936 Doom Flowers, Terror Tales, May 1935 Satan Stole my Face, Horror Stories, February/March 1936 Hell Welcomes Lonely Wives, Terror Tales March/April 1937 Her Lover from the Grave, Terror Tales, November 1935 Dead Man's Kiss, Dime Mystery Magazine, July 1936 Fresh Blood for Golden Cauldrons, Dime Mystery, September 1934 Her Suitor from Hell, Terror Tales, April 1936 Death Rocks the Cradle, Horror Stories, February/March 1937 Satan's Love Bazaar, Terror Tales, July/August 1937

eBook Death Rocks the Cradle and Other Stories

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