GREEN TEA SECRETS (Green Tea Goodness! Book 1)

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GREEN TEA SECRETS (Green Tea Goodness! Book 1) PDF ebook download Do you want to lose weight? Have more energy? Look younger, act younger and feel younger? Do you want to help prevent illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and diabetes? Look no further than nature's preventative health pantry - and discover the brain, body and beauty benefits of Green Tea! After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I began to take a closer look at my diet and the wellness opportunities in front of me and I looked to nature for ways to boost my immune system and improve my health. During my digging, I discovered a bounty of research extolling the countless health contributions of this beloved beverage.

As more and more research emerges, green tea is proving to be one of nature’s answers to weight loss, younger-looking skin, increased energy, improved memory and mood, lowered risk for cancer, stroke and other common illnesses. While green tea is not a magic bullet or a “cure-all,” there is an impressive amount of science backing the benefits of green tea. I've interviewed countless, celebrity fitness trainers, nutritionists and beauty gurus - who all hail green tea as a power-packed beverage.
If you want to slim down, boost immunity, have a more youthful complexion, a healthier heart, a trimmer tummy, a sharper mind and a more relaxed attitude — green tea is a great place to start. In this book we'll explore the history, science, benefits, and more behind this liquid green preventative-health-machine. Put on the kettle, pour yourself a cup, and let's get started!

*(As a bonus, I've included two FREE recipes from my e-recipe book! Green Tea Gorgeous! D.I.Y Diet & Beauty Recipes for Clearer Skin, a Glowing Complexion, & Healthier Body).

eBook GREEN TEA SECRETS (Green Tea Goodness! Book 1)

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