Where's the gift?

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Where's the gift? PDF ebook download I think this book should probably be required reading for everyone entering the workforce (and, let's be honest, for managers everywhere). While "feedback" is generally thought of and accepted as a good thing, it is a stretch to say that most people find value in a "rebuke" or "criticism."

But that is the point Bristow makes: All feedback has the power to help us reach our goals regardless of how it is delivered.The rest of the book is spent learning four steps to make seeing the value (or the "gift") in all feedback and to help the reader learn the right attitudes in either accepting or rejecting the feedback.

A component that I found extremely helpful was the way the examples provided a language set for taking these lessons into practical life; helping the reader to gracefully acknowledge fault, or graciously accept (and then set aside) feedback that may not provide overall value for the situation.

Definitely a worthwhile (and EXTREMELY fast) read for anyone with a career.

eBook Where's the gift?

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