Sleeping With Greta

PDF-file by Mónica Martín

Sleeping With Greta PDF ebook download Transformed into a hideous being by a curse from her witch stepmother, Greta's been resting for one hundred and fifty years, awaiting her rescuer to awaken her with his kiss, bonk her three times, and return her to her former self. Prince Alexander hails from the distant, dark kingdom of Obsidian. He has a gambling debt that may see him dead at month's end, and so he takes up the challenge—the reward, the amount he owes. However, Greta has a shocking secret, is Alexander capable of bonking her beautiful? Dare you to read this scintillatingly erotic romp, with a rather wicked twist... Warning: This work is an erotica. It contains group sex, f/f sex, mild m/m sex, and nonexclusive couples.

eBook Sleeping With Greta

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