Friday Night Cocktails

PDF-file by Allison Rushby

Friday Night Cocktails PDF ebook download Another Friday night. Another round of tequila. Another chance for best friends Gemma and Sarah to compare notes about their less-than-stellar love lives. They've met them all—the Commitment-phobes. The cheapskates. The cheaters. The Ones Who Want to Have a Threesome with Your Best Friend. What's a girl to do in the face of such dirt-sucking pond scum? Get even. On a Friday night cocktail-fueled whim, Gemma and Sarah launch their own little revenge website dedicated to every man who has ever done a woman wrong. Soon, the site takes the world by storm, attracting stories from dumped women all over the globe and the interest of advertisers and the media. What began as a joke has now become an overnight sensation, and Gemma and Sarah are the new darlings of a generation of women who kick butt, take names, and when necessary, publicly humiliate the wrongdoers. It's the best time they've ever had... until it all goes wickedly, zanily out of control. Somebody's posting some interesting rebuttals on the site. Thoughts that seem to echo what's really in Sarah and Gemma's hearts. And soon they're in the hot seat, revising their opinions on revenge as the best way to live well.

eBook Friday Night Cocktails

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