Stockings and Cellulite

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2.5 stars

I learned of this book from the awesome cause, Authors For Philippines. I was going to bid for it, but the competitions' bids were not within my budget, and so I have to let it go.

I didn't mind then. And I don't now.

Cassandra found her husband cheating on her. And you know what happens to cheating husbands. They're left to be divorced. What follows is Cassie's "self-discovery" to being single again and to not being single yet again.

One of my disappointments was when it mentioned that Cassandra didn't expect to fall in love with the person she least expected to. BUT it was pretty obvious who HE was as soon as his character turned up.

I like the way DV writes during the first few chapters. Not too congested with highfalutin words nor with too much emotions. But towards the end, I felt the need to just get over the story. The story between the two (main) characters was too predictable, too good to be true.

Nevertheless, it's funny. A little similar to Tara Sivec's Chocolate Lovers series; but TS has definitely a lighter mood to it.

There's a second book. And I don't mind checking it out just to see if DV would have more conflicts for her readers than this one. I wouldn't be expecting much though.

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