The World is Larger than the Small Human Stories Book 3

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The World is Larger than the Small Human Stories Book 3 PDF ebook download Cali Morgenstern and Harold English are thrown outside the known world. Tossed by the maelstrom, they find action, adventure, true love and treachery, unimagined possibilities and shattering events. Along the way, there is the nefarious firm of Coldmen Sacking, drug cartels, lust, cruelty, kindness, the small life and pitiful death of a Reverend Ostein, Grendel, Guardians and an Apocalypse through which all must pass-or die. Well, life should be interesting.

The Lord of the Rings opened into a vast world of Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Humans, Hobbits and Orc’s. By the end, it had shrunk to the key human story:‘Menschen über alles!’ (roughly, ‘man over all’), the audience standing and singing along. The larger world was put on a boat and sent away.

These novels open in the human bounded world, and then explode into an unbounded world. How, in that unbounded world, tossed by the raging torrent of life, do we choose? What do we do when the sand under the foundations of the human boxes has eroded away, and when we must live in that larger world, a branch on the Tree of Life, a creature among many creatures?

“The World is Larger” is set in today’s world, and yet not. Interpreting, questioning, reshaping and rebuilding 4,000 years of myth and belief, because: fallen into habit and custom, sleepwalking through life, we find “At eighteen our convictions are hills from which we look; at forty-five they are caves in which we hide” (F. Scott Fitzgerald) All die, but not all live.

Rebirth and redemption, a new, stronger wine in the old bottles is the promise of these novels. And they are fun and exciting reading! Let the river of life carry you, twisting and turning like nothing you have ever read before.

I see nothing but Becoming. Be not deceived! It is the fault of your limited outlook and not the fault of the essence of things if you believe that you see firm land anywhere in the ocean of Becoming and Passing. You need names for things, just as if they had a rigid permanence, but the very river in which you bathe a second time is no longer the same one which you entered before. (Heraclitus, 500 B.C.)

eBook The World is Larger than the Small Human Stories Book 3

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