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The Grave (Electric Literature's Recommended Reading Book 67) PDF ebook download "When the Virginia Quarterly Review accepted Katherine Anne Porter’s 'The Grave' for publication in February 1935," writes W. Ralph Eubanks, editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, in the introduction to this issue, "VQR’s then-managing editor Lambert Davis chose the story from several Porter stories that were submitted for consideration in a collection labeled 'Legend and Memory.' At the time, VQR was preparing its tenth-anniversary issue, which would focus on writing from and about the American South. Initially, Porter was reluctant to be included in an issue that focused exclusively on the South. Her letter, typed on now-yellowed paper and posted from Paris on January 10, 1935, noted to Davis, 'I have never insisted violently on my Southerness, as a writer, because being a Southerner is for me quite literally as natural as breathing. But just the same if there is going to be an all-Southern number I almost feel like insisting that I must be in it.' Several weeks later, Davis returned Porter’s previous correspondence and told her, 'My final decision is to use "The Grave." It has more movement than the other parts, and a certain symbolism which completes it artistically and allows it to stand on its own feet.'"

Author’s Bio:
Despite the enormous success—both critical and popular—of her novel Ship of Fools, Katherine Anne Porter's reputation as one of America's most distinguished rests chiefly on her superb short stories. She is the author of the short story collections Flowering Judas, The Leaning Tower, and Pale Horse, Pale Rider. Her Collected Stories won the Pulitzer Prize in 1966. Katherine Anne Porter was born in Indian Creek, Texas in 1890 and died in 1980.

About the Guest Editor:
For more than three quarters of a century, VQR has been a national journal of literature and discussion. And for good reason. From its inception in prohibition, through depression and war, in prosperity and peace, the Virginia Quarterly Review has been a haven—and home—for the best essayists, fiction writers, and poets, seeking contributors from every section of the United States and abroad. It has not limited itself to any special field. No topic has been alien: literature, public affairs, the arts, history, the economy. If it could be approached through essay or discussion, poetry or prose, VQR has covered it.

Each issue has contained work both moving and memorable; each has sought to provide the best that contemporary literature can offer. VQR's distinguished history has included: essays from H. L. Mencken, Allen Tate, Bertrand Russell, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Ashmore, C. Vann Woodward, Cleanth Brooks, Dumas Malone, and Louis D. Rubin, Jr.; stories from Thomas Wolfe, Katherine Anne Porter, Peter Taylor, Ward Just, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Olen Butler, Michael Chabon, Mark Harris, and Ann Beattie; poems from the likes of Robert Penn Warren, Robert Frost, Conrad Aiken, Marianne Moore, Randall Jarrell, Natasha Trethewey, James Dickey, Henry Taylor, and Rita Dove. And VQR has not only published the most celebrated names of contemporary writing; equally it has welcomed writers whose names were unknown until they appeared in its pages. VQR hews to one simple standard in its selection of writers: excellence.

About the Publisher:
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