Haru O Daiteita - Embracing Love Vol. 7

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Haru O Daiteita - Embracing Love Vol. 7 PDF ebook download HARU WO DAITEITA SERIES REVIEW

HARU WO DAITEITA was one of my first yaoi reads when I really started to get into the genre and it did not disappoint. What I loved about it for one, is that it was long. It is very rare that you see a yaoi manga that is quite so long. This manga had 14 volumes. I was in heaven.

HARU WO DAITEITA is about two AV actors (aka. porn stars) who audition for a new erotic film which is a chance to make it into mainstream acting and get a better successful career than the porn star thing. During this audition the director asks them to have sex to determine who would get the lead role and one of them fall in love with the other while the other it totally fighting it.

Iwaki Kyousuke is a man who always puts his work above all else and doesn't have much of a personal life. Where Katou Youji is very outgoing and open and much younger than Iwaki. After these two start working together Katou quickly falls in love with Iwaki. After the movie finishes filming, moves in with Iwaki determined to explore this relationship and get Iwaki to fall for him. Iwaki on the other hand tries to fight it, but in the end gives in to Katou and falls for him as well.

One thing that I found very interesting is I don't think these guys were really gay or anything. I know both of these two were around women in the news and Iwaki did straight porn sex, but for this movie it was the first time sex with a guy. So I believe they just fell for each other and that being gay or not being gay didn't have much to do with it. They just fell for each other who both happened to be a guy. And I loved them together. They are adorable and one thing I gotta love about yaoi manga is all the hot sex scenes like in every chapter. SQWEEEEEE!!!!

I'd say it is definitely one of those gay for you themes. The both had many challenges to endure before getting together and after, but they both stayed strong and true. And as for the art. I really liked it. I for one cannot read a manga unless the art is beautifully drawn or like in anime form. I won't say it's the best art, but it was great. All in all, I greatly enjoyed HARU WO DAITEITA and I can definitely see myself re-reading this manga in the future. If you are a m/m romance, gay, yaoi fan, I highly recommend this manga.

eBook Haru O Daiteita - Embracing Love Vol. 7

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