Lord of Dishonor

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Lord of Dishonor PDF ebook download Lovely Amanda Amberly was a young lady of unsullied virtue—against all odds. For her bewitching mother, the Countess of Clovelly, was notorious for her amorous escapades, and every hot-blooded gentleman in society expected Amanda to follow in the Countess's straying footsteps.

So far Amanda had succeeded in steering clear of the clutches of those eager young blades. She even had begun to hope that the eminently respectable Sr Giles Boothe might consider her a possible match. But when, by her mother's cunning design, Amanda found herself in the arms of the incredibly handsome and charming Viscount North, the most irresistible if infamous rake in the realm, she discovered she could defend her virtue only if she refused to listen to her heart.

eBook Lord of Dishonor

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