I Never Knew That About England

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I Never Knew That About England PDF ebook download Trivia book, with lots of historical facts that you probably didn't know and probably don't need to know. In its quest to find as many firsts, bests, mosts and greatests, (it is intended to facilitate the preparation of quizzes, apparently) the book sometimes strays from objectivity; it's easy to wonder if anything can be invented or in some way improved an excelled outside of England. I can find particular exaggerations in some items of scientific and religious history, but they won't go into this tiny review.

There's more than a little sentimentalism in this book. With its desire to contain all of England, in a county-by-county scheme meant again to aid quizmasters, it is quite a tribute to English pride. You could go to Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire and sit under a 'descendant of t hat apple tree' that Newton himself sat under, in the orchard where 'the modern world began and science was conceived.' You could follow the story of Henry Royce who wanted to create the bestest car in the world. You could, in one of the brief moments of humour, learn about Walter Arnold, first in 1896 to be convicted of speeding in an automobile, which had to be caught by a selfless constable, who abandoned his dinner to chase after the 2mph car on his bike over 5 miles.

Yes, there's enough pride here to fly a balloon for the first time over Britain, from London S. James to Standon in Herfordshire in 1784. But you'd be Italian, then, and your name would be Vincenzo Lunardi.

eBook I Never Knew That About England

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