The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot

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Bestselling author Violet Blue shows smart girls everywhere how to enjoy mind-blowing G-spot orgasms – with or without a partner.

“The G-spot is not a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. It is a place in your body.” — from the introduction

It’s not a myth, it’s a miracle — the G-spot, that powerhouse of female orgasm. With wit and panache, sex educator and best-selling writer Violet Blue helps readers master the sexual alphabet through “G.” Beginning with an anatomical guide and incorporating suggestions for couple-play, positions, toys, and safer sex, The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot will lead to thrilling new sensations and earth-shaking, bed-breaking, gale force climaxes. As with all her sex guides, Violet includes sections on further reading and recommended videos and DVDs, and practical information on toys and toy shopping. Any girl can unleash her own awesome orgasmic superpower with The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot.

eBook The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot

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