Logic Colloquium '90 (Lecture Notes in Logic, Vol 2)

PDF-file by Juha Oikkonen

Logic Colloquium '90 (Lecture Notes in Logic, Vol 2) PDF ebook download This volume is the Proceedings of Logic Colloquium 90 heldin Helsinki, Finland, from July 15 to July 22, 1990.The congress belongs to the annualseries of the EuropeanSummer Meetings of the Association for SymbolicLogic.These proceedings contain 13 research papers written mainlyby the invited speakers of the congress. They represent allfields ofmathematical logic from the philosophy ofmathematics through model theory, proof theory, recursiontheory and set theory, to connections of logic to computerscience.

eBook Logic Colloquium '90 (Lecture Notes in Logic, Vol 2)

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