21st Century Goddess

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21st Century Goddess PDF ebook download Anthea Paul has worked internationally as a stylist, trend forecaster and market consultant, photo editor, skl patroller, creative director and art director. She has produced a photo shoot at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion, has seen the dawn of New Year's Day at Stonehenge, dressed (and undressed) Kate Moss and other supermodels backstage at fashion shows, has channeled the vibrations in Sedona, Arizona, once traveled Route 66 from NYC to LA and back in a U-Haul truck, glimpsed Jah in Negril, Jamaica, has skied back-to-back winters in search of the ultimate powder snow, and lived in New York through the nineties — and survived. Anthea is the author of the bestselling girlosophy: A Soul Survival Kit and girlosophy 2: A Love Survival Kit, and is CEO of girlosophy pty limited and www.girlosophy.com.

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