On the Road (again) (again) (The Girls Series Book 3)

PDF-file by Sheila Horgan

On the Road (again) (again) (The Girls Series Book 3) PDF ebook download Carolyn, Anna and Adeline rushed home to help with a family crisis in Hawaii Can Wait (second book in The Girls Series). The girls thought they had things well in hand, with Barry in prison having put up no fight at all once Carolyn whispered the magic words (Pickles and Momma). Everything happened so quickly the girls barely had time for a decent dinner and cocktail.

In On the Road (again) the girls find that having solved the problem of Barry they are still at lose ends. What do the magic words mean and why do they have such power over Barry?

Adeline is looking forward to her youngest daughter coming home, Anna is enjoying her newfound detecting skills and Carolyn is worried sick. The girls work together to solve the mystery of Pickles and Momma as they get to know more about Adeline’s family.

eBook On the Road (again) (again) (The Girls Series Book 3)

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