The Princeton Murders (Mcleod Dulaney, #1)

PDF-file by Ann Waldron

The Princeton Murders (Mcleod Dulaney, #1) PDF ebook download Mildly amusing, pleasant read set in the university of Princeton. I wonder what the university thinks?
This is a candy floss book suitable for dull days in bed with 'flu.

Well written with a tight plot and interesting characters it is a nice read for those who like whodunits without all the gore and four letter words.

Small town reporter, McLeod Dulaney, has won the Pulitzer prize fo journalism. Life plods on and the she is invited to Princeton to teach a class in writing journalism. The professors seem friendly until one and then another drop dead. How did they die and why? Our eager journalist investigates.

no star rating given until I can have a private system which does not affect the author's rating.

eBook The Princeton Murders (Mcleod Dulaney, #1)

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