Will Work 4 Food

PDF-file by R.S. Hunter

Will Work 4 Food PDF ebook download Will Work 4 Food is based on actual people, their real life experiences, and the bumps in the road that brought them to where they are today: homeless. Have you ever stopped at a red light and seen someone standing there, begging for money? Have you tried to avoid direct eye contact just to try and prevent an awkward moment? Have you ever refused to donate a dollar or two for fear of how a they might spend it? Have you ever asked yourself why they are living on our streets: was it their choice or fate? If you answered “yes” to any one of these simple questions, then it is time for you to be enlightened, to have your eyes opened. Will Work 4 Food is your window to the other side. Join the author as he explores deeply into the life of those we try to ignore. Experience for yourself what it must feel like to lose everything you own, to be stripped down to nothing; where only the will to survive keeps you going, day after day, month after month, year after year. Will Work 4 Food is their story.

eBook Will Work 4 Food

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