Painless Ways to Lose a Pound a Week

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Painless Ways to Lose a Pound a Week PDF ebook download

Finally you can say goodbye to fad diets FOREVER. "Painless Ways to Lose a Pound a Week: The Video Guide" is a Vook that mixes simple diet and exercise tips with videos, helping you achieve your weight loss goals each week. Download it now and set yourself up for success instead of failure!

Let Diana Bocco show you how you can take control of your weight and health with reasonable goals. You'll get valuable tips on counting calories, dining out, and exercise, and see steady results. Learn better, smarter ways to shop for food, track progress, and get past the dreaded "plateau" of weight loss. In eight chapters and eight videos, using this Vook is like having your own personal nutritionist! Diana also highlights some of the top myths in diet and fitness, so you can start with a clear path to health and wellness.

Try this Vook now and get started on a weight loss plan that you WILL master!

eBook Painless Ways to Lose a Pound a Week

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