Four Months of Terror

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Four Months of Terror PDF ebook download Four Months of Terror, by Rebecca Patrick-Howard, is actually a very entertaining and well written book.As first hand accounts of ghost stories go, it's really not a bad little tale at all.

Unfortunately however, only four months does not, a particularly terrifying and event filled ghost story usually make.In fact, although the author does an excellent job of relating her personal account of having survived life in a spooky old antebellum house in Kentucky, the average reader may be left wondering (to use an 1980s metaphor - since the story does take place in the VHS tape and Wendy's TV ad haunted 80s), "Where's the beef?"

I really love short books though, and this is one of the better ones that I've read, to be quite honest.The only real problem for me, besides the fact that Ms. Patrick-Howard didn't even personally witness many of the paranormal manifestations that occurred in that spooky old house herself, is maybe that... ebook pricing is often not so much frightening as it is just plain bizarre.

For example, you can get absolutely everything that legendary writers like H.P. Lovecraft and Charles Dickens ever got published in their entire lifetimes in one massive volume for only $1.99 US, but... a tiny little book of scary ghost stories (that isn't really all that scary) costs you almost twice that!

Now that IS scary.Nah!Just kidding.Four Months of Terror, despite being far too brief, is a pretty decent book, and the author really has done a great job of relating what she personally endured as a child, living in a big, scary haunted house.Good stuff indeed.

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