My Husband's Lover

PDF-file by E.M. Leya

My Husband's Lover PDF ebook download Dominic loves owning a motel. He never knows one day to the next what might come through the doors, but no matter what it is, he is ready. Dominic is a voyeur extreme and has installed cameras in every room of the motel. Not everyone is there to sleep. Come join him and find out just who is staying at the Desert Inn tonight.

Beth isn't about to let her husband's affair go without some sort of punishment. She could easily divorce him, but that would mean giving up the lifestyle she's come to enjoy and putting her kids through a nasty custody battle. So what's a scorned woman to do? Take his lover for her own.

Sabrina thought she was meeting Warren at the motel, but when his wife opened the door, her heart sank. Given an ultimatum, she's forced to stay with Beth and do everything she desires. There has to be a way to get out of this, but she doesn't know how.

These two find their lives and desires changed when face to face with each other. Can they come to an understanding or will Beth be forced to punish her husband's lover for taking what is hers?

eBook My Husband's Lover

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