The Journalist's Guide to Media Law

PDF-file by Mark Pearson

The Journalist's Guide to Media Law PDF ebook download This widely used introduction to media law takes a journalist's perspective. Written in a clear, non-legalistic fashion, it shows how journalists can produce ethical, hard-edged reportage while staying on the right side of the law. The authors also explain how to negotiate some of the key ethical minefields of day-to-day reporting, focusing on ethical dilemmas which can have legal consequences. This fully revised fourth edition offers a comprehensive overview of aspects of law which relate to a journalist's work including defamation, contempt, confidentiality, privacy, trespass, intellectual property, and ethical regulation. Recent cases and examples are used to illustrate key points. Also included is an introduction to the legal system and guidelines on reporting legal issues. Tips, summaries, and a handy flow chart to defamation law make The Journalist's Guide to Media Law a handy reference for professionals and an essential text for students.

eBook The Journalist's Guide to Media Law

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