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Gosling PDF ebook download In the world of furniture and design the name Tim Gosling is synonymous with sophistication, excellence, and craftsmanship.

This beautifully produced, generously illustrated volume

displays these qualities, which have earned Gosling high praise

as well as important public and private commissions.

Renowned for his ability to tailor-make a room and its

elements to meet the client's individual tastes and needs,

Gosling is one of the few designers who involves himself with

every aspect of a project. Irresistibly classic and elegant,

Gosling's designs have graced yachts, corporate boardrooms,

country homes and city apartments. Stephen Calloway

introduces readers to Gosling's signature design concepts,

reviews the design process, and highlights the quality

materials that make Gosling's pieces so sought after and

timeless. Fans of classic interior design, as well as designers

themselves, will find much to inspire and ignite their


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