All For Him - Male Dominant Female Submissive BDSM Dominance Submission Erotica

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All For Him - Male Dominant Female Submissive BDSM Dominance Submission Erotica PDF ebook download As BDSM gains popularity with the erotica of Fifty
Shades of Grey, many readers are asking themselves, "Just what is BDSM?" BDSM
is an acronym. The B stands for bondage; the D can stand for discipline,
domination, dominant or dominance; the S can stand for sadism, submission,
slave, or submissive; and the M stands for masochism or master. Like the
relationship in Fifty Shades of Grey, the most popular BDSM relationship is one
between a dominant and a submissive whereas the pleasure of the submissive is
derived from serving the desires of the dominant and submitting to the dominant
while the pleasure of the dominant pleasure is found in the gift of submission.
Submission craves dominance and dominance craves submission. This type of BDSM
is also commonly referred to a power exchange - the submissive or slave with
communicated limits relinquishes control to the dominant. BDSM power exchange
liaisons will sometimes also include bondage. Bondage is the restriction of
movement by ropes, toys, straps. Discipline is a BDSM term which is used to
describe consensual actions the dominant or Master will employ when the submissive does not fully submit. BDSM Discipline can involve spanking and the
submissive receive their spanking by the hand of their Master's hand or a
sexual toy. A male dominant is frequently referred to as an alpha male and if
there is another male involved, the alpha male will always the dominant. The
BDSM submissive is often called slave or slut and neither slut nor slave are
derogatory terms in BDSM. BDSM also includes relationships masochists and
sadists, but they are rarer forms of BDSM. With Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM
erotica in the main stream I, a dedicated BDSM author, urge you to read about
all the different nuances of BDSM that interest you and I hope you enjoy each
of them.


Now on to the naughty, fun particulars in this
BDSM title.


Elaine was putting the final touches to her makeup in the bathroom mirror. Not that she needed much, she had flawless skin that only required the slightest touch to enhance her considerable beauty. She leaned into the mirror, examining the effect critically, pushing out the twin spheres of her full, round bottom. From behind, she was an awe-inspiring sight. Dressed in only suspender belt and stockings, with the string of a tiny thong barely visible between her buttocks, she was perched on black stiletto-heeled sandals.

She looked at her watch. Three minutes to go before James might call at her apartment. She just had to step into her dress and put on some perfume and she'd be ready for him.

"God help me, I haven't seen him for over a week and I really miss him."

God, she couldn't wait. She knew, deep down what she needed...

eBook All For Him - Male Dominant Female Submissive BDSM Dominance Submission Erotica

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