The Maker Of Heavenly Trousers

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The Maker Of Heavenly Trousers PDF ebook download Daniele Varè was an Italian diplomat in China in the early years of the republic. His Chinese novels - printed in this Methuen Vintage edition alongside works by Thorne Smith, P.G. Wodehouse, and A.P. Herbert - are determinedly lightweight, occasionally droll, and were probably read more for their exotic settings than for anything else. This exoticism not only persists today but has increased over time. The Tartar City of old Peking is pretty remote from today's Beijing. In The Maker Of Heavenly Trousers, a bachelor writer becomes the guardian of a young Italian girl with whom he gradually finds himself romantically involved. Some mild eroticism which may once have been amusingly risqué now seems rather suspect. Various characters - expatriates and visitors - drift in and out of the novel, including a former mistress of Rasputin, who seems to be a refugee from a much darker and more fantastic tale. The Chinese themselves are present mainly as comical servants. Varè put the book together from some earlier sketches and stories written in Italian - and that's pretty much how it reads. Despite its title, The Maker Of Heavenly Trousers is not elegantly tailored. All the more surprising, therefore, to see it recently republished in Penguin Modern Classics. The book has its charms - but they are few and superficial.

eBook The Maker Of Heavenly Trousers

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