Biblical Demonology

PDF-file by Merrill F. Unger

Biblical Demonology PDF ebook download I admit that a big reason I read this book was because it has the word "demonology" in the title.I mean, what an absolutely fantastic word!I could think of nothing better than to be a certified "demonologist" and be able to print up business cards and hand them out at parties.Since I don't have that option, having this book on my shelf seems like the next best thing, even if it does annoy my girlfriend a bit whenever I carry it around in public.All that aside, BIBLICAL DEMONOLOGY is a pretty exhaustive study of what the Bible makes known about demons—not much of which is very surprising, but some of which is indeed quite interesting.Unger has an encyclopedic knowledge of Bible verses and teachings, but he falls woefully short of being convincing anytime he tries to use non-Biblical sources to argue for the existence of demons.The writing is professional but extremely dry, and I found myself nodding off in more than a few places.It's a good resource text, but I was ultimately disappointed that reading it didn't make me feel like I was Keanu Reeves in the movie CONSTANTINE.

eBook Biblical Demonology

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