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Rosemary Beach PDF ebook download "Rosemary Beach is far closer to the casbah in Tunis or the French Quarter of New Orleans than to an American suburb. And in this regard, from an American perspective, it's new and urban in a profound way."

—from the preface

Designed by planning pioneers Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk—the same husband-and-wife team who rose to prominence for their design of Seaside—Rosemary Beach is a decidedly different community. Whereas Seaside evokes small-town America, Rosemary Beach evokes the ambiance of a preindustrial city, featuring a more urban landscape than previous New Urbanism developments.

Located on 107 acres facing the Gulf of Mexico, eight miles east of Seaside, three hundred miles east of New Orleans, and three hundred miles southwest of Atlanta, Rosemary Beach incorporates architectural and urban planning influences from around the world. The pocket parks conjure medieval Prague; the parapet wall on the Coquina Pool exudes the designs of Morocco and Spain; the boardwalks reflect those in Rockport, Maine; and the town hall displays a Dutch Colonial influence.

In this evocative photo essay, renowned photographer, artist, and author Richard Sexton describes and documents the innovative design of Rosemary Beach, Florida, explaining its success, significance, and uniqueness within the New Urbanism movement. Sexton's photographs celebrate all aspects of this successfully planned community, showcasing his talent for capturing everything from pedestrians to porches with equal poetry.

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