The Power of Unity in the Name

PDF-file by David Drew

The Power of Unity in the Name PDF ebook download Church as we know it, is over. Is the church truly changing people? Why are so many people walking in and out of church meetings without being healed and delivered? David Drew brings us back to God's original vision for the church as he takes the lid off deception running rampant in the modern church. The mainstream church appears to have it altogether, has good intentions, and in many cases even bears fruit, but doesn't look at all like the church God describes in the Bible. See how it is God's perfect will and the world's greatest need for the church to be re-formed in His name, and according to the biblical pattern of unity. Drawing from David's experience in ministry as well as recent revelations and encounters, the author offers a wealth of life-transforming truths inside these pages, including: Why the establishment of thousands of different Christian denominations, groups, and ministries currently in the world, with different names and logos, is incongruous, cannot be God's will, and, bears all the marks of a diabolical master schemer. Why 90% of the world's population can't believe, and why our world is in chaos. Why the Christian churches have lost their power. Why Satan's "divide and conquer" strategy must be stopped dead in its tracks. How a perfectly united, citywide church can operate in the 21st century. Why marketplace ministry is a powerful asset to bring citywide transformation. Why we must cooperate with JESUS, and let Him build His church!

eBook The Power of Unity in the Name

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