The Walking Dead #8

PDF-file by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead #8 PDF ebook download Another fantastic installment of The Walking Dead. I just love the raw human emotion here and the desperation for survival. It has a different feeling from the TV series, seems to be more ruthless, dark and grittier somehow.

Rick is trying to manage the community in order to survive, but realises the more people you are letting in, the more problems you have to deal with. While dealing with Carl's injury, he has an emotional breakdown behind the scenes and bonds with a certain someone.

The survivors also learn that they aren't the only community out there, and that there may be hope in getting more food and supplies after all...

I wish there was more, once per year is not enough to get my Walking Dead fix! Of course, I could start reading the seperate issues but the hardcover books are definitely worth it. They have neat artwork bonuses at the end too.

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eBook The Walking Dead #8

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