Essential Tibetan Buddhism

PDF-file by Robert A.F. Thurman

Essential Tibetan Buddhism PDF ebook download Robert Thurman is the preeminent American authority on Tibetan Buddhism. He was the first westerner to ever be officially ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk and looks to the Dalai Lama as his personal mentor. (He's also Uma Thurman's dad!)

I've seen a couple of lecture videos by him and I just love his enthusiasm and passion for the subject of Tibetan Buddhism. He's also super-funny in a very geeky sort of way.

I didn't read through this entire book. It's a collection of ancient Tibetan writings (translated by Thurman) and a lot of the subject matter is way over my head. Still, the beauty of the language and the imagery is inescapable.

There is a wonderful story of the life of the Buddha. It follows the canonical account that all Buddhist tradtions tell, but adds layer after layer of supernatural imagery. Wish-fulfilling gems, five-hundred-mile-high trees, hosts of deities, demons and angles, miracles and prophesies all combine to illustrate a vibrant view of the nature of reality.

This is a book that I'm going to keep handy and read bits and pieces of as I learn more about this wonderful tradition.

eBook Essential Tibetan Buddhism

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