The Clockwork Man

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The Clockwork Man PDF ebook download I loved this book.It is a diary of Ernst, a clockwork man, who was built by a famed German clock maker.Not only does he makes some intriguing and beautiful clocks that are renowned throughout the world in the late 1800s, but he has made Ernst.Ernst begins by telling us that he is keeping this journal at the request of both his maker and an academic who suggested he write down his thoughts and feelings for others to learn from them.

Jablonsky does a wonderful job of making Ernst a wonderful narrator for this story.It is almost as if you are truly reading the journal of a clockwork man.The struggles he faces and how he does not quite understand things.I am at times reminded of Data from the Star Trek series as he is many years old but still learning the ways of the world and how people interact and do what they do to themselves and others.Although given the time differences, I believe Data had quite an easier time than Ernst.Automatons were considerably rare and anything out of the ordinary was thought to be the work of the devil and out to hurt people.

The details described and the characters themselves are well portrayed and this story is so vivid in description it is not hard to fall into the world of Ernst’s first life and subsequent life after many years in isolation.His choices are difficult but he succeeds in all that he sets out to accomplish.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone.It is a quick read that will draw you in until you cannot wait to find out what will happen next.

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