The Storekeeper's Daughter (Daughters of Lancaster County, #1)

PDF-file by Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Storekeeper's Daughter (Daughters of Lancaster County, #1) PDF ebook download Time seems to stand still in Naomi Fisher's tranquil community, but it cannot hold back tragedy. Helping her widowed father run a store, manage a household, and raise seven children is a daunting task. There is no time to think about courtship or having her own family, though her heart yearns for the attention of Caleb Hoffmeir. But her days are plotted for her-until the afternoon her baby brother disappears from the yard. How can Naomi expect anyone to love and trust her if she can't take care of one small boy? Should she leave all that is familiar and seek a new avenue of life? The Storekeeper's Daughter is book 1 in the Daughter's of Lancaster County series. Other books in the series include The Quilter's Daughter: Book 2 and The Bishop's Daughter: Book 3.

eBook The Storekeeper's Daughter (Daughters of Lancaster County, #1)

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