Special Agent's Seduction (Special Ops #6)

PDF-file by Lyn Stone

Special Agent's Seduction (Special Ops #6) PDF ebook download Agent Dani Sweet wanted "one" normal vacation. And not one where she had a gun to her head. She had come to the bank to open a savings account, not play hostage in a robbery.

But the gunman had other ideas. So did the gorgeous bank manager Ben Michaels. Collected yet predatory, he disarmed the robber just in time. And while appearing to be a buttoned-down office type, Ben soon convinced Dani to hunt down those responsible for the mayhem.

The danger of an investigation she could handle—it was the tingle Ben caused in her stomach that had her feeling like a rookie again. Did she dare get on this roller coaster?

eBook Special Agent's Seduction (Special Ops #6)

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