Fully Human, Fully Divine

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Fully Human, Fully Divine PDF ebook download I just started this book today. The first part of the Preface says:

"For the past ten years I have been interested in the theme of divinization.According to the teaching of many church Fathers, particularly those of the East, Christian life consists not so much in being good as in becoming God.The Holy Spirit's work in us goes beyond the reformation of our morals.It is a matter of forming us so that we become sharers in the divine nature and, because of this, capable of fulfilling the impossible demands that the New Testament imposes upon us.We can begin acting as Jesus taught, not because of some titanic effort of will on our part, but because we have become different beings.We have been reborn into a different sphere of existence.We are the products of God's new act of creation.Divinization is God's work and not the result of human striving.
For many of us, this is a bit much to swallow.Morality we can understand and the divine mercy is not beyond our comprehension.It is much harder for us to understand the call and the gift to be as God is."

I think this could be a very good book!

eBook Fully Human, Fully Divine

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