Healthy Dimension

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Healthy Dimension PDF ebook download Healthy Dimensions began as a mind/body workshop-style weight loss program in the Seattle area. The empowering Healthy Dimensions approach is evidence based and person focused. It is a journey to understanding your unique body and what simple changes can make weight loss perfectly natural.

This book was developed to accompany the HD Quick Start Workshop, in which participants learn about surprising research and choose from a variety of evidence based tools to develop their own personal plan. One that's comfortable to follow and naturally helps them kill cravings, burn fat 24/7, stop self-sabotage and end emotional eating.
The Healthy Dimensions approach is now available to anyone! This book provides cutting-edge research from biology to psychology and neuroscience, and tools to heal the body, mind and heart. Get this book, find a weight loss buddy or create your own group and watch your body and life transform!
Yes you can lose weight, Healthy Dimensions is the way.
About the author:
After a lifetime of obesity and yo-yo dieting, Healthy Dimensions founder Elizabeth Wright, RN, MSN dug into the research and discovered powerful truths about the causes and cures for obesity. She found that the whole person must be healed and that much of the conventional wisdom about losing weight is wrong. She lost 55 pounds at the age of 50 and has kept it off. She created Healthy Dimensions to share all she learned and help others who struggle with their weight.

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