Too Many Cooks (Scholastic Reader, level 3)

PDF-file by Andrea Buckless

Too Many Cooks (Scholastic Reader, level 3) PDF ebook download In this funny Level 3 Hello Math Reader!, two siblings figure out how to measure and multiply to make a delicious soup. Meanwhile, their younger brother is adding his own outrageous ingredients!

Wouldn't it be nice to surprise Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa with a delicious, super-duper soup? Cara, Jay, and Marcos think so! Cara takes charge of the cookbook. As she reads out the recipe, Jay adjusts the ingredients for six people. But does the recipe mean two tomatoes and two cups of beans per person? Jay tosses in 12 tomatoes and 12 cups of beans, just to make the pot look full. Now, the book says "carrots." But how many? Cara and Jay decide 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 baby carrots would be just right—and they do a little bunny ear dance. Meanwhile, their little brother is helping with the soup, too. He's slyly dropping in secret ingredients. . . like gummy worms!

eBook Too Many Cooks (Scholastic Reader, level 3)

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