Big Shift Series Bundle

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Big Shift Series Bundle PDF ebook download Why are companies and individuals struggling despite stock market highs and record profits? What deep forces are driving the changes buffeting the world today? How can readers navigate the short-term challenges while taking steps to capture the long-term opportunities?


Shift Happens: How the World Is Changing, and What You Need to Do About It

Institutional Innovation: How to Help Your Organization Learn Faster and Thrive

Scaling Edges: How to Radically Transform Your Organization

This bundle offers the best thinking from the Deloitte Center for the Edge to provide a shorthand reference to the "Big Shift" phenomenon reshaping the global business environment. It outlines a framework for thinking about the fundamental shift from knowledge "stocks" to knowledge "flows" and what changes that shift implies for institutions. The pocket books are an invaluable tool for executives, change agents, and explorers everywhere to start the conversations that will move mountains, and established organizations, toward a more optimistic, creative future.

eBook Big Shift Series Bundle

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