Head Coverings

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Head Coverings PDF ebook download I was wanting to like this, but there are some serious flaws.A poor understanding of the sacraments,putting the wearing of head coverings(and greeting with a kiss and footwashing) on the same level as communion and baptism,arguing that not doing those are the equivalent to not witnessing or praying are just a few.

He also argued that there was no,absolutely no,cultural basis for headcoverings and that the only reason some translations utilize "wife" in 1Cor 11 is due to the influence of post-18th century liberalism.

I am not convinced that his position is wrong,but his argumentation is wrought with hyperbole,questionable exegesis, and poor logic.This is a topic,and a book,worth investigating but be mindful of the deficiencies of this work before engaging it.

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