What Goes with Blood Red, Anyway?

PDF-file by Stevi Mittman

What Goes with Blood Red, Anyway? PDF ebook download My life hasn't been what you'd call easy lately Last year I, Teddi Bayer Gallo, nearly killed my husband. This year he's nearly my ex. Last year money grew on trees. This year if my three delicious children and I don't eat, my new interior decorating business might survive. Last year I'd never seen a dead person up close. But this year I've just discovered one. And it's my first paying client. Can things get worse? Well, the police could suspect my partner, Bobbie, and me of doing the woman in. Then there's my mother, June, who even through all her newly acquired plastic surgery can still give me "the look." And I could fall for sexy detective Drew Scoones, who has fingered Bobbie as his prime suspect. I mean, really, can you say no to the police?

eBook What Goes with Blood Red, Anyway?

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